Annonymous Patient: I felt like a new person

Very knowledgeable, was very thorough and I felt like a new person when I left her office!! I will be back this week and next week and so on…

(Marc S.) Shoulder Pain

Dr. Hawkes is the fixer! I went in with nagging pain in my shoulder and knee and came out feeling much better. She really knows what she’s doing and can exactly pinpoint the areas that are the cause of distress by touch. When we were finished she gave her recommendations. While she didn’t push for another visit, she encouraged that

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(Sandra R.) My first visit… great

Dr. Hawkes was great! I arrived and she got right down to business. Since this was my first visit, my consultation lasted about 20 mins and then she showed me into a treatment room. She explained what she was going to do, told me strip down to my underwear, lay down on my back on the table, and left the

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(Lori B.) Results were immediate

My first time going to acupuncture, and she’s been great. The results were immediate and great, and she really knows what she’s doing.