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Marie M. : Baby in breech position

I came to Jade Path when my baby was in the breech position at 36 weeks and nothing else seemed to be turning her. I tried EVERYTHING! At first, I had trouble believing that acupuncture would be the method that finally worked. However, within 2 days after my appointment, the baby turned and got into the correct position! I was

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Marlene D. : Impressed with my progress

My name is Marlene. I am 80 years old. Recently, while getting out of my car, I fell onto the pavement. I landed on my right side. xrays showed no broken bones but the pain was severe in my leg, hip and knee. After two weeks of pain medication and no improvement, I decided to try acupuncture. My physician recommended

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A. Smith: helped me to create my own path to wellness

It all began one evening when I injured my right shoulder. I could barely raise my arm above my head the next day, and I was unable to work for almost a week. I work as a physical therapist assistant, so my occupation calls for a heavy volume of typing treatment notes on an iPad which puts my arms in

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Sheila G.; optimistic about my future

The doctor has a warm demeanor and spent a good amount of time talking with me about my pain, asking questions and then telling me the goals of the first session. Because this was my first session she was careful to keep checking with me to see if the needles hurt before proceeding to the next point. She told me

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